Where are all the fun people?


Back in the day (I love that cliche), like the 1950’s -1980’s, pre OPRAH, life as we knew it was a riot. And by riot I don’t mean the kind we are seeing in Libya or Ciaro. I’m talking the old fashioned kind of free-for-all, good times we had before things became so frigg’n uptight and politically correct. Before Facebook was a threat to a job interview, before anyone cared about how many beers you had at Happy Hour, before random drug testing was acceptable business practice.

Back in the day we partied without fear of retribution. Famous people didn’t get beat down by the media the way they do now for enjoying themselves and living their well deserved “Rock Star” lifestyles. Case in point,
Charlie Sheen. I’m not saying I think he’s “WINNING”, I’m just saying I think life has evolved to a point where we took the FU out of FUN. Things that were once raucous rabble rousing good times are now considered “bad business”. I say Bah Humbug to prudes.

Some of you are too young to remember when George Carlin made being high a hoot. He was a groundbreaking comedian who made fun of the 7 bad words you’re not allowed to say on the air. It was funny “shit” (wait, that’s one of the words). Today if Carlin were to glorify drinking and drugs with a clever comedic rant Dr. Drew would be calling his agent to lock him up for a month on Celebrity Rehab or worse he’d be trending and not in a good way. What has this world come to? Why aren’t cocktails still considered the high point of the day?

Remember when
Darrrin Steven’s and his “Bewitched” wife Sam entertained his boss Larry Tate and a big client during lunch with an icy cold martini! God, I miss those days! Now it’s more like a dark secret if you drink a beer at lunch with your burger. American’s have screwed it all up. We can only imbibe (at most) twice a week because we swear to it in our health insurance document, and cocktail-ing every evening like Leave it to Beaver’s Dad is deemed borderline alcoholism.

Which brings us to “Mad Men” smoking in the office and drinking scotch at 3pm. Now those boys know how to have fun and make money! Where did those real life gin slingers go? What happened to the wildly talented Creative Director who’d split for a liquid lunch then come back later to bang out mind blowing creative? Let’s face it alcohol breaks down our inhibitions, allowing our brains to free associate and leap outside rule driven boundaries, where really funny shit comes from!