Famous Bartenders
Charles H. Baker Jr.
1895 - 1987
Charles H. Baker Jr. travelled the world extensively while recording his culinary and cocktailarian experiences. Renowned perhaps more for his colourful writing than the quality of his recipes, a number of his cocktails have never the less been brought back to life at the hands of modern mixologists. Baker wrote extensively for Esquire, Gourmet and Town and Country as well as completing two volumes of the "Gentleman's Companion" (now re-printed as Jigger, Beaker and Glass: Drinking Around the World). His cocktail creations include the Rosy Dawn Cocktail.
Jeff Berry
Jeff Berry, better known as Beachbum Berry, is the modern day's foremost expert in tiki cocktails. He's published a whole series of meticulously researched books which reproduce the history, recipes and cocktail lore of tiki yesteryear.
Donn Beach
1907 - 1989
Donn Beach, born Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt and also known as Don the Beachcomber (after his chain of restaurants), is widely acknowledged as the creator of the Tiki style of eating and drinking which became a craze in the US in the 1940s and 1950s. As well as leaving a fabulous Tiki legacy that continues to this day, he also created a whole host of exotic cocktails including the much adored (and feared) Zombie.
David Wondrich
Wondrich can perhaps claim to be one of the sharpest writers on cocktail lore, combining an acid wit and irreverant style with a passion for painstaking research into cocktail history. His books include the renowned Imbibe, and Esquire Drinks which documents his role as cocktail ambassador for Esquire magazine.

Matt Robold
Matt "Rum Dood" Robold blogs about Rum and Rum based cocktails at Rum Dood. Robold sits on the RumXP: The International Rum Expert Panel and the Board of the The Cocktail & Spirits Online Writers Group.
Rick Stutz
Rick "Kaiser Penguin" Stutz is a prolific cocktail blogger, renowned for his amazing cocktail garnishing skills. Stutz has embarked on a blogged cocktail journey, covering every drink from Jeff Berry's Beachbum Berry Remixed.
Constantine Ribalaigua Vert
1886 - 1953
Constantine Ribalaigua Vert (or Constante to his friends) was the most famous of last century's master Cuban bartenders, plying his trade at the "Cradle of the Daiquiri", the Floridita Bar. Constantine arrived at the bar in 1914, and played a critical role in the evolution of the Daiquiri and it's many variations. He famously served super-sized Daiquiris (or Papa Dobles) to Ernest Hemingway.

Robert Hess
Robert "Drinkboy" Hess is a cocktail expert active in many areas of the modern cocktail world. Hess makes regular contributions to the Small Screen Network, where his video guides to cocktail mixing include some of the best on the internet. He's the driving force behind the Chanticleer Society and related cocktail forums, which are frequented by a number of the experts on this page. As well as writing extensively on Drinkboy, Hess has also published The Essential Bartender's Guide and contributed a foreword to a reprint of David Embury's The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.
Gaz Regan
Gaz Regan, the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan, has been writing about spirits and cocktails since 1990. He has authored a host of books on cocktails and spirits including The Joy of Mixology and the bartender's GIN compendium, and he and Mardee Haidin Regan have co-authored books such as The Book of Bourbon, and New Classic Cocktails. Regan also writes a bi-weekly cocktail column in the San Francisco Chronicle and his work has been featured in an array of other magazines and newspapers around the world. Not content with paper publications, the Regans also run cocktail website, Ardent Spirits, which hosts The Worldwide Bartender Database, and their eLetter, Ardent Spirits.
Simon Difford
Simon Difford is founder and Editor of the recently re-launched Class Magazine and author of the award winning Diffords Guide that is widely recognised as the bartender's bible. Difford's latest project is a guide to the cocktail bars of the UK, with a focus on his favourite cocktail: the Daiquiri. Difford is a prolific mixologist and has many cocktail recipes to his name including the award winning Cox's Daiquiri.
Harry Craddock
Harry Craddock is a legendary figure in the cocktail world. Born in the States, he came to London when Prohibition was introduced and tended bar at the Savoy. His Savoy Cocktail Book is still in print to this day. For a modern perspective on these classic drinks, see Erik Ellestad's eGullet thread, "Stomping through the Savoy".
Dale DeGroff
Nicknamed "King of Cocktails", DeGroff famously tended the bar at the Rainbow Rooms for many years where he developed his trade and a number of fabulous cocktail recipes. He is the President of the American Museum of the Cocktail and author of The Craft of the Cocktail and The Essential Cocktail. DeGroff is famed for re-inventing, and often taming, classic cocktails that no longer suit contemporary palettes. He is responsible in no small part for the modern resurgence in quality cocktails via a return to natural and freshly sourced ingredients.
Ada Coleman
Ada Coleman was Harry Craddock's predecessor at the American Bar at the Savoy at the turn of the 20th century. She mixed drinks for the likes of Mark Twain and Sir Charles Hawtrey, for whom she created the Hanky Panky Cocktail.

Salvatore Calabrese
Salvatore "The Maestro" Calabrese is a leading bartender and President of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild. He has written several books on cocktails including his stylish and informative Classic Cocktails. Calabrese is responsible for creating a number of cocktail recipes but is perhaps best known for the refined and moreish Breakfast Martini.
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke is a Seattle based writer, journalist and blogger on drinks, drinking and cocktails. He is a contributing editor at Imbibe and blogs at Cocktail Chronicles. Clarke is the founder of the ever popular Mixology Monday.

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